2021 Real Estate

Photography Pricing


Pricing Starts at $179 and increase based on listing price. Includes enough images to cover the property.  Aerial Photography includes 5-10 images and costs an additional $139 with a photo shoot and $229 without. 

Premium interior / exterior photoshoot.

Blue sky exterior images.

Fire added to fireplaces.

Window enhancement.

Fusion technology editing & next day turnaround.












Magazine Style Editorial / Detail up to 10


Object removal: Such as room clutter, furniture, boxes, cars, storage containers, signs, $10-$50 additional.

  • up to $250k       $179

  • $251k-$550k      $199

  • $551k-$1M        $249

  • $1.1M-$2M        $279

  • $2.1M-$3M        $299

  • $3.1-$4M           $350

  • $4.1-$5M           $400

  • $5.1-$6M           $450

Country Style Home

Highlight Video Tour

The perfect high-quality 1-minute walkthrough video tour showcasing

the main highlights of the property.


✓ Beautiful & affordable 1-minute home highlight video walkthrough tour with basic cuts and music. 

✓ Non-branded MLS compliant video included

✓ 6-second agent branding end of video

✓ Company branding

✓ Aerial video included

More time? 90-second video add +$60

With a photoshoot   |  Without 

  • up to $350k       $249       $299

  • $351k-$500k      $299       $349

  • $501k-$1M        $350       $400

  • $1.1M-$1.5M     $400       $489

  • $1.5M-$2M        $489       $550

  • $2.1-$3M           $589       $650

  • $3.1-$4M           $699       $779                        

Home Exterior

 premium Video Tour  


Real Estate Video, ELEVATED.

You're investing in the most popular, immersive and cinematic video designed to highlight all of the key selling points of your listing while showcasing yourself as the top real estate professionals in your market. 


Exclusively tailored premium video tour with re-imagined music implementation, exquisite visuals, buttery smooth shots, included aerial video and more.

floor plan with dimensions

2D Floor Plans

Add a floor plan to your shoot today! help show the relationship between rooms and spaces and the overall layout of the property.

Good floor plans increase customer engagement with the real estate listing and can even increase the resale value of the property. 

  • Over a third of buyers said they were less likely to inquire about a property without a floor plan

  • 1 in 5 buyers would ignore a listing that does not include real estate floor plans

  • Adding a real estate floor plan to a property listing can increase click-throughs from buyers by 52%

If you want to maximize your chances of finding a buyer or renter for your property, make sure you include floor plans with your real estate marketing!

Floor Plans
  • under 3,000 sq ft.          $129 add-on

  • 3,100-5,000 sq ft.           $159 add-on

  • 5,100-7,000 sq ft.           $249 add-on

  • 7,100-9,000 sq ft.           $380 add-on

Virtual Staging

$75 per image

Enhance your empty listings with life-like virtual staging. Incorporate high-end décor such as couches, coffee tables, dining tables, beds, rugs, plants, photos and more to help set the stage for potential buyers.



Please have properties and talent to be photo-ready. Cars parked away from property, all lights on, window blinds open, pets away.

We require a minimum 24-hour notice for rescheduling shoots.


Same day photo rush +60

 Video rush under 48 hours  +160


2-3 business day turnaround for video tours (busy season April- October) 

24hr still photography m-f. 

If  I am at the house at 10:00am on a Monday, you can expect to receive your delivery email between 10:00pm and Midnight on Tuesday. Weekend shoots ready by midnight Tuesday.