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Commercial Photography

When shooting for interior designers & architects, hotels, restaurants, VRBO's & Airbnb's, I slow things down. I don’t just shoot the image - I create it.   It’s not as simple as just taking a photo, post-processing is an art form itself. I devote much more time and attention to every detail to ensure that each image is perfect. 


Commercial photography licensing rates differ from residential real estate photography. In real estate photography, consent to use the images lasts until the listing expires. Commercial photography has different rights and usages. Before I sign up for commercial work, I like to discuss options with my clients, such as when they want the full rights to use the images.  Considerations include where the images will be used, who can use them, and for how long. If you want to get the full rights to commercial photography images, be ready for a higher price, depending on the project.  


In commercial photography, pricing depends on the quality of work a project requires. For instance, vacation rental images may not be as expensive to produce as say restaurant photos. However, buying the full rights to pictures - if you want to - maybe costly all the same, like triple the price of a temporary license, but you can do anything with the photos as the new copyright holder. 

Paying for the services of a photographer does not make you the owner of the photos they take unless they hand you over the copyright with a clearly expressed agreement. Thus, you cannot do whatever you want with the images without the photographer's permission. Have in mind that what you are paying for is not just photos, you are paying for experience, know-how, licensing, equipment, and most importantly results!